Should I consider sailing as my vacation option

Even if you might be uncertain about your next travels, you must’ve spent some time with your imagination and thought about a getaway to a nice place in our beautiful world. You might have thought about a short city break or a sightseeing road trip – but have you at any point considered sailing on a private yacht as your vacation option? Should you? In a nutshell – the biggest of YES-es. As a local Dalmatian that grew up on the coast, I can easil. y tell that sailing is one of the best ways to explore Croatia and meet our culture, warm locals and way of life


Here are a few of the reasons why you really SHOULD consider sailing as your holiday option;

1. Simple excitement of sailing – When you are on a private sailing yacht or a motoryacht, especially if you are not a frequent sailor, every action taken on the sea brings excitement. From the moment you first board your own boat in a busy marina, get the moorings down and disembark, you know already you are up for something special;

2. Having a mobile seafront home – You are most likely to charter a skippered boat for a week. That means you have your own accommodation that you can take wherever you want on the sea. Croatia has a very rugged coastline, with more than 1000 islands and islets, and at least as many cities, towns, villages and settlemets, many of which are of high historical and cultural importance and simply stunning places to be at. You can either moor the boat at the marina and have a historical town at your doorstep, or anchor at a secluded bay with turqouise waters;

3. Quick-dips whenever you want – Speaking of secluded bays, when you are on a private boat you can always decide to stop everything and just take a quick dip to refresh from the Summer heats and dive into crystal-clear waters of Adriatic sea. Our waters are safe and welcome swimmers wherever possible;



4. Time just stops – As you move further away from the mainland and the city rush, you will experience this incredible feeling of serenity that is found inside every true Dalmatian. You will feel as if the time has stopped since you have nowhere to be at. I’m not sure if this has been scientifically proved yet, but around the islands time flows more slowly than elsewhere;

5. Food, drinks – Croatia has some delicious food to taste across all regions of the country. Islands are no exception; some of the finest and most amazing restaurants in our country are located on the islands. Tons of fresh ingredients, meat and seafood are available around the islands and by the sea. On top of that, there are many top-ranked big and small family farms and vineyards spread across the islands land that can’t wait for you to taste their products and enjoy the Dalmatian way of life.

6. Activities – There are many ways to stay active and entertain around the islands; from the basic water sports you can take on from your boat, like stand-up paddling, kayaking and wakeboarding, over land-based activities like off-road safaris, hiking and walking tours to music-fueled seafront and beach nights out. There is a little bit of something for everybody!

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