If you would like to see heaven on Earth visit Plitvice lakes!

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If you would like to see heaven on Earth visit Plitvice lakes!

Igor, 24 Februar 2018.

When someone thinks about the most beautiful places in the world, one of the first associations to a large number of people are Plitvice Lakes. Anyone who has visited this place at least once, has put them in their list of places they have to visit again. The reason for this is very simple - the turquoise blue color of the water and the vegetable world of this place leave no one indifferent! That is why this is one of the most popular tour and excursions for tourist in Croatia.

About Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes are the largest and most visited Croatian National Park. It is located in Upper Croatia, between the mountain chain Mala Kapela and Lika Pljesavica. Plitvice became the first national park in Croatia in 1949. The process of sanitation, which forms the sedentary barrier and creates lakes, represents a unique universal value due to which Plitvice Lakes received an international recognition in 1979 by enrolling on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A few years after that, the National Park has been expanded, and since 1997, it has spread over an area of almost 300 km2.

The home of untouched nature

The largest part of the park is covered by forest vegetation, the smaller part belongs to lawns, and the part most attractive to tourists are the lakes, which occupy the least area, even less than 1%. A total of 16 lakes, both principal and named, and a few smaller ones, make this place magical and unreal. The biggest waterfall in Croatia - The big waterfall is located in this park and its height of 78 meters evokes in visitors an extraordinary feeling as they watch it. Thanks to the Croatian travel agency, this place is, due to its popularity and rich content, one of the main recommendations for tourists. Based on the fact that this park is heavily visited and on the wish list for many tourists who visit Croatia, Fours Seasons as a reliable travel agency in Croatia decided to organize a tour and excursion to this place.

Seven things you need to know about Plitvice Lakes

1. Legend of the Black Queen

One of the versions of this legend is that during the great drought in ancient times, people began to stay without livestock and crops, which led to the death of hunger. To save themselves they prayed on their knees to the Black Queen for help to give them rain. She did it, sad that she must suffer and cause rain and clouds. The queen was crying for days, and with black tears from her right eye, she created the Black River, and from the left eye created a white river with white tears. Both rivers are now located above the Upper Lake and flow into the Matic River from which the first lake is formed.

2. The system of 16 lakes

Lakes are the result of several smaller rivers flowing into each other. Plitvice is composed of 16 natural lakes that are under UNESCO protection because of their fauna, views and unreal turquoise waters. All this is located at a distance of 130 km from Zagreb's capital.

3. More than a "million" roads

Listening to the guide, he will suggest some of the marked trails that also represent a special story of this place. A special charm gives the paths you can visit or combine yourself, as well as some of the marked hiking and biking trails. The adventure is also enhanced by the fact that lakes actually represent only a small part of the entire National Park Plitvice Lakes.

4. Winter Spell

Although the largest number of tourists in the summer months, winter in the park has a special charm. If there is a strong winter, it happens that famous waterfalls are frozen. All this creates an image as if it stopped for a moment and created a fairy-tale scene.

5. Walking through the park

A special experience, which is gained by visiting this place, is certainly driving an electric boat. A panoramic ride on Lake Kozjak and a picturesque train ride is definitely unforgettable.

6. Endemic plants

Plitvice Lakes are full of known endemic species. In addition to larger animals (usually brown bear), there are also various bugs, and even crabs. This environment provides life and nutrition to its endemic plants for more than 300 types of moths and butterflies.

7. Food

What is known and recognizable is certainly „Lička kuća“, a national restaurant that offers unique local food. You can make a break from the park's visit to some of the restaurants, buffets, and cafes. "Lički burger" is definitely what makes this park recognizable for culinary specialties.

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