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Let’s take a break from our everyday life and try to picture our ideal vacation getaway. For some people it might be a short-term city break, others may prefer an adventure-packed holiday experience, or perhaps sightseeing and savouring the delicious local food. No matter what it is, we can’t help but notice the increasing demand for more privacy, isolation and flexibility in today’s average traveller’s vacation plans.

One of the ways to meet such demands is vacation rentals. Fundamentally speaking, vacation rental means renting a property, a house or a villa for a certain period of time, usually a week, for a family or a group of friends. Since tourism is one of the most rewarding business branches in Croatia and adjacent countries, it comes with no surprise that both local and foreign investors have plenty of incredible houses and places up for rent in the area.



Why would you want to book a vacation rental?

Renting a whole house for yourselves comes with a series of perks and benefits, and below you will find a few of them recognized by us;

1. Privacy – For starters, you get to enjoy the next level of privacy with your group and isolation from the large tourist crowds in the area you are visiting;

2. Comfort – In most cases, renting a villa rewards you with incredible amounts of space and comfort that you will most certainly appreciate during your lazy leisure days. It probably doesn’t make much sense to rent a full house for a couple of people, but group of friends or family all staying at the same place together really brings a vacation to another level;

3. Amenities – Talking about pools; to stay competitive, most of the homeowners appreciate the fact they have to introduce different amenities in order to stay competitive and on top. Private pools and jacuzzis are only basic of those amenities, while some houses may offer saunas, gyms, play rooms and even home cinemas;

4. Flexibility – Staying at the same place for an extended amount of time (e.g. 7 days) gives you plenty of flexibility and different possibilities when it comes to exploring and meeting the places of your interest. It is fairly easy to arrange a day trip from your villa, a downtown city transfer for an awesome dinner meal or a decent night out.

5. Feeling – You get to feel like a movie star while admiring the views over the sea or the mountains from your poolside lounging area;

To top all of these awesome facts stated above, private home rentals don’t come with an astronomical price tags, even during the Summer season peak in Croatia. When you consider the capacity of most of the houses, it really comes out as a bargain to rent an incredible place all to yourselves.



Where we jump in…

With all of this in mind, the team of Four Seasons travel has introduced a whole new section in our offer, called ‘Vacation Rentals’. As for now, you can find a handful of carefully selected private houses up for rent in areas around Dalmatian cities of Split and Dubrovnik, with plans to extend our offer even more in the near future. Booking of a private property for you and your family or friends is just a few steps away! You can check out the houses up for rent by clicking here.

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