Fancy a weekend in Slovenia?

If you are looking for an idea for a brief romantic getaway, weekend family trip or you’re simply craving for a quiet piece of untouched nature to cleanse yourself of everything that bugs you in your everyday life, a weekend in Slovenia might be a great option. Easily discovered by driving around it, Slovenia is a small country that has a lot to offer; from Apls in the north, over historical cities and towns to the coast on the North of Adriatic Sea.

For our weekend getaway, we’ve decided to arrive at Ljubljana airport and visit the capital and the lakes of Bled & Bohinj.


Friday – Arrival and orientation in Ljubljana

Welcome to Slovenia! Once you land at Ljubljana airport, take a short ride towards your accommodation in the city center to settle in. From here, you can easily explore Ljubljana at your own leisure or with a private guide. Just a short walk from your hotel is all you need to experience the emerald-green soul of this city, settled on the flow of the river Ljubljanica. Walk around Franc Preseren’s square, father of Slovenian poetry, cross the Tromostovje bridge and have a glance of dramatic legendary dragon statues on the Dragon bridge. There is even a castle on top of a hill that guards the city from above and invites you to get there for a visit. Before you spend the night here, you can take on a delicious Slovenian dinner meal in a riverside restaurant.


Saturday – Lakes Bled & Bohinj

Drive off towards Triglav National park area just an hour away from Ljubljana. Explore the beauties of Slovenia and it’s alpine environment by visiting stunning Bohinj Lake, a beautiful lake set at the foot of Triglav mountain range, and Bled Lake, famous for being a home to the only island in entire country and breathtaking Castle built on top of a steep cliff above the lake. You first stop will be Bohinj Lake under the green mountains of Julian Alps were you can go for a hike around the lake, rent a kayak or go for a boat tour around the lake, or ride a cable car to the near mountain top for some amazing panoramic views. Later you will move to Bled Grad to explore the medieval castle and enjoy stunning scenery of the little village, surrounding mountains and Bled lake. Descend to the lake down the stairs and opt for a famous Pletna boat ride to reach the church island. While here, don’t forget to treat yourself with Krempita, a famous desert dish that originated from Bled.

Sunday – Ljubljana & Departure

Depending on our flight times, you can have one last stroll through downtown Ljubljana and a delicious lunch meal before you go. Just make sure you catch your flight back home! We are positive that after a weekend like this you will have returned home to your normal lives with your batteries recharged and your minds full of positive energy. If you have a short flight to get here and limited amount of time, a weekend trip such as this one will prove as a quality idea!

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