Americans looking up for Croatia in search of a vacation

After a year and a half of plummeting down, travel industry in Croatia is finally starting to look at the long-awaited recovery. Private road tours, sailing trips and island-hopping trips have all seen an increase in popularity.

The best indicator for this statement has been published by the well-known American magazine Forbes, which states that the search for destinations and vacations in Croatia has seen a continuous increase in popularity throughout online search engines. This has been confirmed by Ina Rodin, the director of the Croatian National Tourist board in the USA.

Traveling in Croatia has seen a huge increase in popularity

According to the article published by Forbes, on a certain travel search pages, destinations in Croatia such as Dubrovnik and the island of Korčula recorded a jump in search of as much as 200+ percent, setting them in front of many other popular European places and cities. General popularity of internet search for Croatia has seen an increase of more than 30 percent, too, according to the well-known American television network CNBC.

It is thought that the growth is directly related to the easing of traveler restrictions in Croatia towards passengers arriving from third world countries (in relation to Croatia and EU, with United States of America being one of them).

The Wall Street Journal, another well-known American publisher, makes recommendations for travelling in Europe and the official ‘green list’ has seen Croatia among the top places to be this Summer.

How to enter Croatia for the Summer of 2021

According to government of Croatia, passengers traveling to the Republic of Croatia from third countries (countries who are not members of the EU – European Union or EEA – European Economic Area) upon entering the Republic of Croatia must present one of the following:

  • Negative PCR test or rapid antigen test – BAT
  • Vaccination certificate for persons who received a second dose of Covid-19 vaccine no less than 14 days ago, or exceptionally an acknowledgment of receiving a single-dose vaccine
  • Medical certificate or a positive PCR or rapid antigen test (BAT) and a vaccination certificate for persons who have had Covid-19 and have been vaccinated with at least one dose after recovery
  • A positive PCR or rapid antigen test, confirming that the owner has recovered from the infection, which test was performed 180 days ago, and odler than 11 days from the day of arrival at the border crossing

Bookings are open for private tours in Croatia

Bearing in mind that traveling in Europe from USA has become significantly more available, we at Four Seasons Travel Croatia have put together some fresh trip and tour ideas that you can check up.

All of our arrangements are private in terms of accommodation, transportation services and experiences. You can now safely plan and book your private trip, knowing you are in good hands of local experts and local suppliers. On top of that, we offer 100% money-back guarantee on every booking, just in case your plans somehow fall through.

We’re looking forward to having you over in Croatia this Summer!

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